October 20, 2018

Who Are We and What We Do

Ladies, Gentleman, Folks.

Welcome to Duntabbin. Since 2014 we’ve been trading as the Crimson Moon Tavern, both as a Mead and Wine Emporium and as an Event Bar. We’re evolving based on customer enquiries and requests, and becoming a bricks and mortar premesis as well as opening an online store.

Over the course of the last 4 years we’ve built relationships with a number of Meadery’s and Winery’s across the UK. What we have done, and what we continue to do, is to search for the best Mead and Wines in the UK. We at Duntabbin have spent over 10 years at a variety of LARP and Reenactment events, as well as attending numerous tastings and specialised events as attendees and in a buisness capacity.

Moving forward from our experiance in the field, we’re using our expertise to bring Mead to a broader audiance.


How we do what we do:

In the past we’ve operated as a roaming Emporium, in the Kent one weekend then in Northumbria the next. Our customers would follow and find us and be able t find what they wanted, but they would be limited beyond those events.

Now with a physical premesis we’ll be able to provide an online ordering option, as well as opening our doors 3 days a week for people to come in and visit us. We’ll be carrying all the favourites that our customers know and love, as well as looking for other Meaderies to enhance our range.

Initially we will be offering a hand delivery service (those who know our Resident Mercenary will recognise a familier face), whilst those who dont can be assured that their Mead and Wine will be delivered with care. This service will be limited in its reach initially, but will be expanded when we choose a courier service we feel we can trust.