November 3, 2018

Shipping Info


Delivery addresses within certain bands will be delivered to by our Resident Mercenary, and as such will be negotiable to a reasonable degree as to timings. These bands will be laid out in another section.

As these are hand to hand deliveries, any age restricted products will not be left at the delivery address unless they are signed for by an individual over the restricted age.


Any delivery addresses outside of a specific band will be deliered via courier, and as such are outside of the control of Duntabbin Ltd. Whilst we demand the highest quality from our couriers, we appreciate that occasionally they fail.

It will be made clear to the Courier that any age restricted package is to be signed by an individual above the restricted age, and that the product is not to be left in a vulnerable location. Sadly this cannot be enforced by Duntabbin Ltd beyond the contracted agreement.

We will however take every measure possible to hold the Courier to their contracted standard, and appreciate any failure being reported to us promptly and directly.


All distances are based on Durham Castle, with a point postcode of DH1 3RW.

Band 1: 6 Miles – Inlcuding but not limited to: Coxhoe, Chester-Le-Street, Spennymoor.

Band 2: 10 Miles – Inlcuding but not limited to: Washington, Stanley, Crook, Bishop Auckland.

Band 3: 20 Miles – Inlcuding but not limited to: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, South Shields, Darlington.

Band 4: 34 Miles – Including but not limited to: Northallerton, Guisburough, Morpeth, Ashington.

Band 5: Beyond 35 Miles – Courier Service.

We are willing to deliver to a nominated thirdparty individual. This is dependant on the following details being provided, and verbal confirmation by Duntabbin Ltd with that individual under the aforementioned age restriction specification. It is restricted to Bands 1-4.

Details: Legal Name, Address (if not a residential address, then another public location where such a delivery can legally take place), Phone number.


  • Band 1: Free.
  • Band 2: £5.
  • Band 3: £10.
  • Band 4: £15
  • Band 5: £Courier